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Faris or Al-Faris, has its roots in Arabic; meaning a Knight, Gallant, Chivalrous or a Cavalier, and refers collectively to "A heroic Knight who fought on horseback". The "Faris" surname is common in many cultures as a family name and has been identified in almost all continents. Since it is profoundly of an Arabic origin and written in only one contextual form. The transliterated versions differ from one use to another, Faris, Farris, Ferris, even Fares, with or without the adjective "Al". The Spanish, Portuguese and Italian use of Faris and Al-Faris surnames can be spelled in a completely different way, which are Alvarez and Alvares(s).

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NOTE: The names "Faris" and "Ferris" are not to be confused with "Farsi " that refers to the Persian language spoken in Iran and parts of Afghanistan, Tadzhikistan, etc. Farsi belongs to the Indo-Iranian branch of Indo-European tongues, uses Arabic alphabets with distinctive stylish calligraphy scripts, thus sharing vast Semitic idioms of the Afro-Asiatic Arabic, Hebrew, Amharic and Aramaic languages. Moreover, the variant of this name when spelled "Ferris" should not be confused also with the "Ferris-Wheel", such as the fairground ride consisting of a giant revolving wheel with seats that hang down from its rim.

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